Technical Labels GmbH

Your specialist for labels in the Abrasive Industry



We develop and produce for the Abrasive Industry:

  • heat-resistant bake-in labels for cutting and grinding wheels
  • blotters for vitrified wheels
  • waterproof plastic blotters for vitrified wheels
  • small blotters for mounted points
  • labels for flap-discs / also self-adhesive on roll


about us

The company Weck exists now for nearly 160 years. Since more than 50 years we are specialized in the manufacturing of heat-resistant bake in labels for the abrasives industry. During this time we developed a lot of innovations on the field of the bake in labels. Constantly we are working on improvements in the production workflow and also in the quality and brightness of the bake in labels. We produce and export bake in labels for a lot of customers all over the world. In present our production for bake in labels shows a high level of automation in order to be competitive on the market and to have large capacity for quick demands of our customers.



Weck Technical Labels GmbH
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